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Legal Advice

This Legal Advice Service provides cost saving guidance on 'home building' including home building contracts, litigation, dispute resolution and general information. Remember the Contract becomes the 'last word', and is legally binding, if matters become disputed, so you need a 'fair to both parties' Contract before you sign.

Plus you need to have identified and pointed out your 'obligations' so that you do not unknowingly fall in breach of the Contract, be doing something, or denying something, and are in breach of the Contract, which will put the Builder in the 'right' (legally) plus giving him grounds to commence legal action, and you in the 'wrong'.

The service is also available for 'general construction' matters associated with commercial, civil and engineering construction works. These services are available for home owners, property owners, strata corporations, developers, architects, builders and manufacturers but not available through us in all States. There are fees for these specialist professional legal services. Suburban or general solicitors do not necessarily have the appropriate experience in building contracts and building dispute matters.

VIC Legal Advice + Services

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BUILDING DISPUTE: If a dispute has arisen, you urgently need legal advice to guide you on how to best deal with and handle the set of circumstances which have arisen. (Be aware that builders know the ropes, and if they are a member of an association, they get access to free legal advice).

The first aspect that you will need assistance with is how to deal with the specific problems.The second critical aspect where you will need specific guidance is to have identified within your Contract, those elements and clauses, so that you do not inadvertently be in breach of contract, and legally to have the problem turned around on you.

To receive this help, and to engage a suitably experienced solicitor in building matters and building contract matters such as Expert Members of our Get It Right Network, you will need to supply the following :

1. A list of the specific problems and the history, providing where possible copies of correspondence;

2. A copy of all invoices received and a copy of all payments you have made;

3. A copy of the Contract you have signed;

4. A copy of the drawings and Specification (which form part of the Contract);

5. Copies of any correspondence is altering the Contract, OR where you have requested changes to what is being built.

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