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It is important that you become familiar with your obligations as an Owner Builder in South Australia. This owner builder course SAOB01 South Australia Owner Builder Course, is not compulsory to complete but owner builders are required by law to meet the same legislative requirements relating to building work as licensed builders. In successfully completing this course you will gain the valuable knowledge of learning and understanding how to owner build and project manage.

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ONLINE VERSION - only $115 : Study on your computer, LOGIN and you can complete the 'Assessment Questions' online. Study when it suits you and complete the course at your own pace. This online version will soon be available in 15 different languages. A Course Booklet can be purchased for an additional $24.
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About Owner Building in South Australia.

Home owners who plan to carry out the building work themselves, or coordinate the necessary tasks to construct the building are considered to be owner builders. Building your own home often takes longer and costs more than originally planned. It can be expensive, stressful, time consuming and complex. If you have building experience the savings can be significant.

All building work that is classed as 'development' requires a Development Approval under the Act, e.g. the construction of a new dwelling, extensions/renovations to existing dwellings, carports, verandahs, pools, internal alterations, structural changes as well as the demolition of existing buildings. On some occasions retaining walls, water tanks, fences and sheds may also require Development Approval depending upon their size and/or location.

You can choose to do all the work yourself, with the exception of specialist work, or can employ contractors to do all or some of the work.

If you employ a contractor for any building work that costs $12,000 or more they must complete a domestic building work contract with you. If council approval is required, the builder must take out Building Indemnity Insurance. This can only be taken out by a licensed builder.

Owner Builders Responsibilities:

  • Obtain a Development Approval
  • Lodge all copies of certificates of indemnity insurance for building work to be undertaken by a licensed building work contractor with the council before commencing that stage of building work
  • Notify adjoining owner/s of an intention to perform building work that may affect adjoining property
  • Notify the council at prescribed stages of the building work
  • Advise the council of the name and contact details of the person who will be supervising the building work
  • Undertake the building work in accordance with the approved documents
  • Submit a signed Statement of Compliance (Schedule 19A) to the relevant authority on completion of the building work


The Owner Builder Statement of Attainment certificate is valid for up to five (5) years from the date of issue on successfully completing the course.

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