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Anyone in Tasmania who carries out 'building' work valued at over $5,000 must be a registered builder or an approved owner builder before applying for a building permit from the local government. In successfully completing the TASOB01 course you will gain the valuable knowledge of learning and understanding how to owner build and project manage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before commencing the general construction induction training, you will need to already possess an OH&S White Card, or to undertake and successfully complete the Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS1001A course, sometimes also known as the 'White Card'. This training provides an awareness and understanding of rights and responsibilities under work health and safety legislation.

We offer this course for Tasmanian compliance - Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS1001A, Purchase Online

ONLINE VERSION - only $185 : Course TASOB01 - study on your computer, LOGIN and you can complete the 'Assessment Questions' online. Study when it suits you and complete the course at your own pace. This online version will soon be available in 15 different languagesA Course Booklet can be purchased for an additional $24
>> BOOK NOW. If you are having trouble booking online, please call 0403 066 603. Please leave your name and number for us to return your call.

CORRESPONDENCE COURSE - Hard Copy, only $209 : You will receive a bound copy of the 660 pages of course content which is ideal for flexible when you want to study. You are not restricted to sitting at a computer. The hard copy information is also handy reference material when you commence building. You have the choice to answer the 'Assessment Questions' in either hard copy OR online formats.


What Is Owner Building in Tasmania.

In Tasmania an Owner Builder is a Natural person (not a company, partnership or trust) who is registered as an 'owner builder' by the Director of Building Control, allowing them to undertake a building project on their own land. This building project requiring a building permit as the value of the work is $5,000 or more.

Under the Building Act 2000, there are only two ways for a landowner to engage in a building project which requires a building permit and the work is valued $5,000 or more.

The landowner must either contract with an accredited builder to perform the work or, the landowner must become an Owner Builder to manage or carry out the building work themselves. Owner builders are limited to two building projects in 10 years. Subsequent work to the same project does not require re-registration.

Does an Owner Builder need to complete an Owner Builder Course?

Yes, why?

In taking on this project, the owner builder has the same responsibilities as an accredited builder. For this reason, as of 1st September 2013, all owners listed on the title must apply for registration however, only one must undertake the approved training course for 'Owner Builders'. All owners listed on the title must hold an OH&S 'White Card'.

Application to be registered as an Owner Builder must be through a building surveyor. The property owner presents to the building surveyor their plans, specifications and the title details along with evidence that they have passed an Owner Builder Course and obtained a 'White Card'. The Director of Building Control will check eligibility and issue a registration number to go on the Building Surveyor's Certificate of Likely Compliance and the Building Permit application.

The property owner then completes an Application for a Building Permit, (other necessary permits may also be required), attaches the Certificate of Likely Compliance issued by the Building Surveyor, Plans and Specifications and then provides this to the local council. The Permit Authority in the local council issues the relevant permits as required.

Complete ONLINE an Approved 'Owner Builder Course' plus the OH&S White Card - CPCCOHS1001A through our Registered Training Authority who is authorised to deliver this training course.

The online Course is $185.00 and the Online White Card Course $55.00. Assessments are completed online with telephone assistance from the trainer 7 days a week should this be necessary.

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