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Which drawing board is right for me?

3D Drawing Board ( Bird's-Eye-View )

  • The 3D Drawing Board is best for smaller objects, such as furniture, manufacture products and household items.
  • The 3D Drawing Board is the most popular and versatile board. It generates a bird's eye view of objects such as furniture, products or buildings.
  • Interiors of buildings can be generated, but the roof needs to be removed to see inside. This can be helpful to see how several rooms may relate to each other.
  • This Board is mainly used by Hobbyists, Cabinet makers, Furniture designers, Students,Woodworkers, Industrial Designers.

Archi Drawing Board ( Eye Level View )

  • The Archi Drawing Board's specialty is interiors and exteriors of buildings. It is not suitable for drawing smaller objects such as furniture or products.
  • Use of the Archi Drawing Board is restricted to drawing objects that are bigger than us, but it does this better than the Bird's-Eye-View Board is able to.
  • If you draw an interior of a building with the Eye-Level Perspective Board, it looks like you are inside the room. This view is more realistic than the bird's eye view that the Bird's-Eye-View Board can provide.
  • This Perspective Board is mainly used by: Architects, Interior designers, Building designers, Kitchen designers, Bathroom designers, Landscape designers, Builders.
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