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Double Brick

Construction using double brick is when the external and internal skins of the external walls are built using bricks laid by bricklayers. These are usually strong load bearing walls. There is an important cavity between the two 'skins', which allows water or moisture to travel down and using the combination of flashing and weep holes to leave the exterior of the building. Importantly with the brick ties correctly positioned the two skins of brickwork together.

The benefits of double brick construction are that the walls are almost finished once the bricks have been laid. The walls could be cement rendered on the interior and, or one can fix plaster board over the bricks. If you choose a face brick, especially for the exterior walls, you eliminate the additional costs of cement rendering and or painting. The choice of face bricks also eliminates future costly painting.

Double brick construction is considered a good insulator and the house will be warmer or cooler in the various seasons. It is a more expensive construction option. It is also a heavier building alternative which will require properly engineered designed footings, foundations or concrete slabs. Most 'bricks' are composed of clay and kiln fired. The bricks are either formed by extrusion or 'pressed'. There are some 'concrete' or 'concrete aggregate' brick makers. These concrete bricks are manufactured using powdered portland cement, water, sand, and gravel products.  For people who are concerned about sustainability, by virtue of the manufacturing process is required for bricks, they are usually described as having a high with embodied energy value, but make up for this with high installation and acoustic values, and of course longevity.

In Capital Cities, the major building material manufacturers dominate the supply. There are still a number of regional brickmakers which also supply into cities. Visit the Bricks, Blocks, Pavers + Building Systems category of to find the details of suppliers of brickmakers australia wide. 

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