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Brick Veneer

Construction Options – Brick Veneer

Brick Veneer construction usually comprises of an external load-bearing perimeter wall constructed using a single skin of bricks, and the internal and external wall constructed using a frame and plaster, gypsum or fibre cement board, or even timber sheeting or other suitable lining, in between which is installed wall installation, which is available in many forms.

The interior non-load-bearing walls are usually simply timber or steel framed walls with insulation, and covered on both sides by either timber or steel frame with insulation and linings of plaster, gypsum or fibre cement board, or even timber sheeting or other suitable building material. Unless prefinished, the walls will require painting to the interior. This form of construction is usually considerably cheaper. Being a lighter, less expensive 'foundations' or at the flooring systems are required. Be aware that this form of construction has lower performing thermal and acoustic capabilities than double brick for example.

For people considering adding an extra floor to their home or building, if the structural engineer advises that the existing building is not particularly strong, then it is common to see a brick veneer upper floor addition been built on an existing double brick ground floor structure.

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