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Available Sizes and Package Contents

Perspective Drawing Boards are available in two sizes:

  • Standard size (for A4 paper).
    - dimensions: 580mm x 390mm x 16mm
    - weight: 2.46kg
    - suits most jobs and student work
  • Large size (for A4 & A3 paper).
    - dimensions: 750mm x 550 x 16mm
    - weight: 4.83kg
    - suits most serious practitioners, who produce drawings of large format

Which size is right for me?

3D Drawing Board ( Bird's-Eye-View )

  • This board is best for smaller objects, such as furniture, manufacture products and household items.
  • This Board is the most popular and versatile board. It generates a bird's eye view of objects such as furniture, products or buildings.
  • Interiors of buildings can be generated, but the roof needs to be removed to see inside. This can be helpful to see how several rooms may relate to each other.
  • This Board is mainly used by Hobbyists, Cabinet makers, Furniture designers, Students,Woodworkers, Industrial Designers.

Archi Drawing Board ( Eye Level View )

  • This Board's specialty is interiors and exteriors of buildings. It is not suitable for drawing smaller objects such as furniture or products.
  • Use of this board is restricted to drawing objects that are bigger than us, but it does this better than the 3D Drawing Board is able to.
  • If you draw an interior of a building with the Archi Drawing Board, it looks like you are inside the room. This view is more realistic than the bird's eye view that the 3D Drawing Board can provide.
  • This Perspective Board is mainly used by: Architects, Interior designers, Building designers, Kitchen designers, Bathroom designers, Landscape designers, Builders.

Drawing Board Package contents

  • Perspective Drawing Board - either in STANDARD or LARGE size, manufactured from durable Melamine covered MDF with protective PVC edging
  • Tracking Rule - made from tough 25mm polycarbonate material it is guaranteed not to break through normal use. Using phenolic tracking balls, the tracking rule fits into the three side slots so that when you draw a line, it always aligns to the "vanishing point" to give you a perfect perspective drawing.
  • Special Ellipse Template - made from tough 1mm polycarbonate material it is guaranteed not to break through normal use. This ellipse template was designed solely for use with the Eye-Level-View Board and by following simple rules, you will be able to draw circles, cylinders, wheels, cut outs and radiused curves in perspective.
  • Carry Case - made from hard wearing, tough weave nylon with a heavy duty zip, strong handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Designed to protect your drawing board during transportation or in storage. Provides convenient transportation for students and professionals.
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