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About the Induction Card (OHS)

About the Construction Induction Card (OHS) CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry

Holding an acceptable NSW White Card is a prerequisite before commencing the Owner Builder Course.

This Knowledge Unit is the important Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training section, in which you will learn the legislative compliance requirements and practices of maintaining a safe work site, safe work practices, safe work procedures, safe work apparel, safe work equipment and what to do in the case of an accident or emergency. They are intended to educate you with the basic principles of risk management and the prevention of injury and illness in the course of you managing the construction of your project, and those people who will be on your work site to assist you.

Additionally, any person who will be on-site during building and construction 'MUST' have their White Card or Certificate. 

If you DO NOT HOLD a Construction Induction Card

Obtaining competency in CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry, can only be done in a face-to-face Workshop format. On completion of the course, you will receive your Certificate and White Card as issued by the WorkCover Authority of New South Wales, from the Course Provider.

If you do not currently hold a Construction Induction Card, we can help you enrol of this CPCCOHS100A Work safely in the construction industry course, which requires you to provide 100 points of identification. Such ID documents acceptable are a Passport, your Driver's Licence, Medicare card etc. Choose attendance Monday to Saturday at the CBD Express OHS Course held near Town Hall Station.

If you require the OHS White Card, we can help organise to enrol you in an Express OHS Course.Courses are run Monday to Saturday in the Sydney CBD, near Town Hall Station.

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