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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) Exemptions that are received for this course will NOT change the cost of the course. The gain or advantage for people seeking RPL exemptions, is in regards to the Module(s) that are relevant with your background experience or studies, when based on the information submitted an exemption will be given, this means they do not need to do the study nor submit the Assessment Booklet(s) for the exempt Module(s) for the RTO to assess.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), about Partial Exemptions (e.g. Tradesmen)

Special Service
Credit Transfer may give you advanced standing (exemption) for parts of the course that you have successfully completed through other Registered Training Organisations or other courses.

Skills Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available where an applicant may have obtained the skills and knowledge equivalent to specific competencies through previous training, work experience or life experiences.

Use the special Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Enrolment PDF Form, outline and provide documentation of existing skills or knowledge, and we will assess you in this area and advise you where exemptions may be possible.

If you feel you hold approved equivalent qualifications to be able to apply to the NSW Office of Fair Trading for exemption from having to undergo this course, in the first instance please download and complete the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application PDF Form and send it back to us so that we can assess and determine what sections of the course you are eligible for exemption.

The more detailed information you provide, the quicker we can assess your prior learning (studies or experience) status and provide you with an outcome of what (Units of Competency) we are willing to recognise.


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