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Clever Kitchen Products

Smart products such as the 2 in 1 Mixer Plus Tap, with an optional Filter. Ideal for new or old kitchens.

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Corrugated Vent-out Adaptor
Expel unwanted air from your kitchen, bathroom or laundry to the outside using the Corrugated vent-out Adaptor system. Available in single or double adaptor.
$110.00 Product Details
Automatic Water Pipe Cleaning System
Installing this straight forward system onto an existing water supply pipe as close to the water meter as possible, will prevent scaling from building up in your homes water supply system.
$380.00 Product Details
Concrete Vent-out Adaptor
Expel unwanted air from your kitchen, bathroom or laundry to the outside using the Concrete vent-out Adaptor system. Available for concrete tiles only.
$66.00 Product Details
2 in 1 Kitchen Mixer Tap
This Kitchen Mixer Tap has a quality hot and cold mixer at the top spout which releases water from one outlet, and has an integrated built-in water filter purification system to deliver filtered water from a second outlet in the bottom spout.
$323.00 Product Details
Replacement Water Filters
Replacement filers for the '2 in 1' MixerPLUS Tap. There are two types of sets available. Ideally the cartridges should be replaced every 12 months.
$77.00 Product Details
Straight Spout Sink Mixer Tap
When height is a concern or limited for room, this straight shooting swivel and compact kitchen mixer tap, with the top mounted Hot/Cold water mixer handle is the answer.
$289.00 Product Details
Curved Classic Sink Mixer Tap
This contemporary designed generous swivel goose neck enables easy reach to single or double bowel kitchen sinks, and ease of filling, washing or rinsing large vessels placed underneath.
$289.00 Product Details
Concrete/Terracotta Ventilation Roof Tiles
By installing a few pairs of these ventilation roof tiles, the heat trapped in your roof space is able to escape and significantly reduce the temperature of your home.
$190.00 Product Details

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